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RTP Series - RTP21

The routine used for doing *** /// and other multivalue operations. These appear to be around 28 operations catered for by this function, each operation triggered by the passing of the appropriate code.

Unfortunately this is another RTP which cannot be accessed directly. The only way to evaluate the functionality of this routine is to use EVAL. Even this is of limited use as the information returned cannot be used, as it is returned in a way that the calling program cannot access it. A System Compiler is essential. The calling syntax for RTP21 is

CALL RTP21(Array1,Array2,Action)

where Array1 is the first multivalued array, Array2 is the second multivalued array and action is a number between 1 and 29. To see the result of using this try the following code

0001           EVAL A = 1 : @VM : 2 : @VM : 3 ; B =  2 : @VM : 3 : @VM : 4 ; ACTION = 1 ;
0002           CALL RTP21(A,B,ACTION) ; PRINT A,B

Varying the Action code each time helps us to construct the following table

         Num     Description
         1         +++
         2         ---
         3         ***
         4         ///
         5         :::
         6         ===
         7         ###
         8         <<<
         9         >>>
         10        <=<=<=
         11        >=>=>=
         12        MATCH MATCH MATCH
         13        IF INDEX(A IN B) FOR EACH
         14        A ENDS IN B FOR EACH
         15        A BEGINS IN B FOR EACH
         16-29     Similar to above but returns True/False array

It would be useful were RevTech to make this routine callable normally, but until then see the documentation on COMP in the next issue.

(Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 5)
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