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RTP Series - RTP26

The ICONV processor. Like RTP19 (OCONV) both values and conversions can be stacked, separated by value marks.

The two most useful undocumented ICONVs are U407A and U307A. These cause a "delay" and a "sleep" respectively. E.g. to pause for five seconds use

0001           X = ICONV(5,"U407A")

To sleep until 15:00hrs use

0001           X = ICONV("15:00","U307A")

The delay function can be accomplished in a more maintainable fashion by using the undocumented DELAY subroutine, which pauses for a fixed amount of seconds E.g.

0001           CALL DELAY(5)

The only other undocumented ICONVs are there for PICK users and add no functionality.

(Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 8)
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