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QTIPS - Aesthetically Improving RLIST Reports

Paul Pickering of PIQ Ltd makes the useful observation that as all print opcodes are routed via RTP15 (REVMEDIA passim) and this keeps track of the line count, additional print statements may be introduced into RLIST reports without page control being in any way compromised.

What this means in practical terms is that if you want to introduce subheadings or special messages into an RLIST report than all you need to do is add a symbolic onto the end of the RLIST statement with the form

0001           PRINT STR("=",70)
0002           PRINT MY.MESSAGE "C(*)#70"
0003           PRINT STR("=",70)
0004           @ANS = ""

and RTP15 will do the rest for you. Give it a try, it is incredibly effective and with a little imagination can really improve your RLIST reports. The same goes for any routine that goes via the RTP15 processor. Try experimenting with FORM etc.

(Volume 1, Issue 7, Page 11)
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