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VERBatim - V25

LISTFILES processor. LISTFILES has three modifiers

  (N  exclude dictionaries and index files
  (U  put used files at top of list and exclude dictionaries and index files
  (X  put QFILES at top of list and exclude dictionaries and index files

It is instructive to examine the TCL stack to see how (N, (U and (X are implemented. When these options are used, a LIST of the memory resident file FILES is produced using special symbolics stored in the dict of FILES on REVBOOT. For example the (N is achieved by listing with SYSTEM = "". SYSTEM is a symbolic which checks the first characters of the file name to be "DICT." or "!" OR the file name to exist in the special variable @FILES.SYSTEM. If these conditions are not met, null is returned.

Knowing this, the SYSTEM dictionary item could be replaced with a customised version to change the way in which LISTFILES works. To change SYSTEM simply DICT FILES SYSTEM and modify the symbolic.

If the appearance of the normal LISTFILES command is unsatisfactory then you can use the Design Popups menu option to modify SYS.POPUPS LISTFILES. Using this method, column widths and titles can be changed and if required columns can be excluded from the standard LISTFILES command.

(Volume 1, Issue 7, Page 6)
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